Anger, conflict and stress management - Ri8brain

Duration:                         6 hours

Course Category:          LIFE SKILLS

Batch Size:                      15

Mentor:                           Debolina Dutta

Price: INR 5,098

The world can be tough. Equip your child with the abilities to manage anger, resolve conflict, and manage stress through various planned activities and games.

For whom is this course?

  • Children between the ages of 7 and 16, who would like to improve their Life Skills, control anger, solve problems with ease and improve self-confidence.

What is covered in the course?

  • Role playing exercises, games, visuals, quizzes, meditation and worksheets
  • Learning healthy ways to deal with angry and stressful feelings
  • Verbalizing feelings of anger, frustration and disappointment and learning to cope with them

What is the outcome of the course?

  • Develop Self-confidence
  • Improve Critical Thinking and Problem-solving skills.
  • Get along better with family and friends.

About Mentor:



Debolina Dutta started her career as a Montessori trained teacher in Kolkata, working with children for over 3 years. After specializing in Corporate Training, she went on to teach adults, professionals, and pre-teens. She teaches Communication, Personality Development, and Life Skills. After completing her training in Early Child Care Education from Mumbai and Kolkata, her love for children and an insight into the world of manners, values, and life skills, brought her back to working with children again, when she founded Manners N Beyond in April 2014. Apart from attaining a dual degree in Early Child Care Education, Debolina Dutta has also studied Child Psychology and Developmental Psychology and is internationally certified by the government. Her in-depth knowledge gives her the expertise to coach children Anger, Conflict and Stress Management, Self Esteem & Learning to cope with failure, Empathy & Gratitude, Social Skills and Etiquette and lastly  Responsibility, Focus & Concentration.