Calligraphy - Ri8brain

Duration:                        4.5 hours

Course Category:           Calligraphy

Batch Size:                      15

Mentor:                        Monikkah Harikrishnan

Price: INR 3,090

Create art with words! Add a little magic through the art of Calligraphy, the art of making handwriting decorative. Calligraphy is suitable for children who are interested in improving their handwriting, creating art with words, and making drawings with lines and dots.

For whom is this course?

  • Children above 6 years of age, with an interest in handwriting and drawing.

What is covered in the course?

  • Introduction to Calligraphy
  • Basic strokes of Calligraphy
  • Letter formation – uppercase and lowercase form
  • Finding different Calligraphy styles, layouts, and composition
  • Helping students find their signature Calligraphy style

What is the outcome of the course?

  • Basic Calligraphy skills
  • The ability to design multiple words and single words
  • Improved communication with others both linguistically and creatively
  • Learning to apply calligraphy while making headings and signatures

About Mentor:


Monikkah Harikrishnan

Monikka is a passionate Calligrapher and Lettering artist. She have been learning and teaching Calligraphy for 3 years now. She had conducted 20+ workshops both online and offline. She love to explore more in calligraphy so let's explore together.