Creative Writing Level 02 - Ri8brain

Duration:                         8 hours

Course Category:          Story Telling

Batch Size:                      15

Mentor:                           Sanghamitra Das

Price: INR 6,797

Tell stories, compose poems, frame dialogues, and create fantastic worlds with words.
This course is meant for youngsters who are keen to explore the fascinating world of storytelling in its myriad forms. Children who desire to express themselves in writing are welcome to pursue this course to hone their skills of creative self-expression.
Look closely at the world of storytelling, and advance to more complex literary forms.

For whom is this course?

  • Children of 13 to 16 years of age who want to delve into the art of creative writing

What is covered in the course?

  • Conventions of English, powerful words vs overused words, shades of meaning
  • Traditional format of a story (beginning, middle, end) & Non-linear structure
  • Story elements (characters, setting, events, problem, solution) & Story graph (exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution)
  • Character traits, protagonist vs antagonist
  • Genre exploration, point of view
  • Fractured fairy tales created by tweaking traditional fairy tales
  • Poems of different formats and style, poetic devices & poetic license
  • Direct and reported speech as the basis of conversation and dialogues
  • Story writing journey with feedback and suggestions for improvement

What is the outcome of the course?

  • Developed creative writing skills
  • Improved vocabulary, accuracy, and writing style
  • Ability to build interesting fictional characters with actions to match
  • Understanding genres and point of view in stories
  • Skill in tweaking fairy tales to make them their own 
  • Ability to compose short poems of diverse forms using poetic devices
  • Enhanced skill in writing dialogues that match character traits
  • Proficiency in writing interesting short stories following a story graph

About Mentor:


Sanghamitra is a Writer, Academic Mentor, and a Curriculum Consultant based in Mumbai. She studied at Jadavpur University, where she acquired a Master’s degree in Comparative Literature. Migrating to Mumbai in 2006 introduced her to the concept of Curriculum Development for schools, a job that she enjoys thoroughly, working from home at present to create academic content for various educational institutes in different parts of the country. Her first novel Hard Rains was published in November 2019 and deals with the universal themes of companionship, retribution, reconciliation, and loss, and was much appreciated. Students will get an opportunity to learn writing from Sanghamitra in our Creative Writing Level 01 and Creative Writing Level 02 classes.