Doodle Course Online | Doodling Class For Kids | Ri8brain

Duration                             : 5 hours

Course Category              : Art & Craft

Batch Size                          : 15

Mentor                               : Anina Elizabeth Jacob

Price: INR 3,540

Kids who doodle have better memory retention as per latest scientific studies. Doodling is a great way for both kids and adults alike to relieve tension and convert ideas and thoughts by solidifying them into a purposeful whole. It’s a way of expressing creative energy and a powerful way for kids to think and solve problems. Visual Literacy is a life skill that comes with practicing doodling. It is now the need of the hour for the upcoming generations as we shift from an industrial economy to a knowledge and experience based economy. We need adults who are visually literate (not just educated) to address the challenges of the future.

For whom is this course?  

  • Children above 6 years of age, interested in exploring the simplest medium to convert their ideas, thoughts and imagination into a visual form through doodles.

What is covered in this course? 

  • Introduction to Concept of Doodling
  • Demystify myths about Doodling
  • Understand the many possibilities of Doodling
  • Introduction to the Doodle Vocabulary
  • How to create patterns
  • How to doodle any object
  • How to doodle characters and expressions
  • How to doodle words/text
  • Structuring/layout of a Doodle
  • Taking inspiration from the world around, tips on how to apply them (introduction to doodle journaling, visual notetaking)

What will you need for this course? 

  • An open mind to learn of course!
  • You will also need a sketchbook / papers, a pencil, black marker pen/sharpies/sketchpen (of varying thickness preferably), eraser, any colouring medium like crayons or colour pencils to bring life to your doodles

What is the outcome of the course? 

  • Learn to use doodling as a visual medium to  develop and share  ideas, experiences and imagination
  • Earn a new form of expression that has immense impact on your mind (focus, information retention, expression of emotions)
  • Gain an all new perspective to Doodling
  • Walk away with a new effortlessly satisfying hobby and an irreplaceable academic asset

Skills Acquired

  • Basics of Doodling
  • Non-verbal Communication Skills

About Mentor:



Anina is an Architect by profession, who later turned into a full-time illustrator,  as a result of her passion for creating cartoons and doodling. She started working at Toonz Animation India for the love of creating kids' content and later entered the Advertising Industry as an Art Director for Happy McgarryBowen. She also co-founded The Olam Festival - a creatively curated festival that focuses on uplifting entrepreneurs and creatives by giving them a platform to interact with the masses of Trivandrum city. She currently runs her own brand The Doodleholic, selling illustrated merchandise. With 4 years of experience, Anina is eager to mould the minds of young creative kids. Anina Elizabeth Jacob will mentor students in Doodling.