Flipbook Animation Course | Kineograph Course | Ri8brain

Duration                             : 5 hours

Course Category              : Animation & Cartoon

Batch Size                          : 15

Mentor                               : Tehzeeb Khurana

Price: INR 4,248

Hey! Making your own cartoon is simpler than you think, but has a lot more to it than you can think of! If you can dream it, you can make it. It’s only limited by your imagination. All you need is a pencil, a bunch of papers, a creative mind and lots of patience!
The world of animation will open up as you learn the basic principles of animation which are applied to all techniques of animations by professional animators. These principles of animation have laws of physics and mathematics embedded in them. These advance principles are simplified for you and you will also be given an option to animate on either a flipbook, notepad or an animation app. And the best part comes towards the end where you will be able to make your character walk.

For whom:

Children (7-14) who would like to apply the fundamental principles of animation & laws of physics to their animations.

Course content

  • Definition of Animation, Frames Concept, Persistence of Vision
  • Rules of animating on a flipbook/kineograph. The concepts will be taught on either a simple Kineograph/Flipbook or a notepad or an app.
  • Teaching children a few classical animation principles developed by Disney and his core team of animators ‘The Nine Old Men’; along with other basic concepts of animations with the help of simple circles and lines.

Course outcome:

  • Understanding principles of animation.
  • Create animations in flip books or animation app
  • Understanding laws of Physics like gravity, inertia, momentum etc. and how they affect movement

About Mentor:

Tehzeeb Khurana


Tehzeeb is a celebrated animation director with over 20 years of experience. She holds a Masters in Commerce from the Sydenham College of Commerce and Economics, and is the founder of Toon Club, a pioneering organization that teaches the art of Animation Filmmaking and Storytelling to children between 7 -18 years of age. Films created by her students at Toon Club, under her creative supervision, have received 51 international acclaims & awards, including 3 industry recognitions. This vetran’s seminal efforts have culminated in animation curriculum being appended across select premier schools in Mumbai. This multitasker will be mentoring students on a host of subjects such as Histories Mysteries, Paper Plate Animation, Flip & Animate, Notebook Animation and Cameraless Animation.