Paper Plate Animation For Kids | Phonotrope Learning Course

Duration                             : 5 hours

Course Category              : Animation & Cartoon

Batch Size                          : 15

Mentor                               : Tehzeeb Khurana

Price: INR 4,248

If you are a child who is innovative, loves to draw and wants to experiment with something different in animation, then this is just the right course for you! Here you learn the art and principles of traditional animation and how to create an optical device using just a paper plate! You make a series of drawings, and when the plate rotates – VOILA! The drawings come alive and you become an expert, innovative and creative animation genius! And further, you can impress your friends by telling them you created your cartoon movie using just a paper-plate. And if you want to wow them further, just tell them you created a Phonotrope!

For whom is this course?

  • For children (8-15) who are creatively inclined and interested in understanding the traditional animation production process, creating movement using drawing and creating your own movie using paper plate.

What is covered in the course?

  • Definition of Animation, Persistence of Vision, History (1800s & Optical Devices), Frames Concept, Looping animation concept.
  • Phonotrope combines the traditional animation technique with new technologies to create a magical result.
  • How to create 16 divisions on a Paper Plate (phonotrope optical device), 2 types of animations on Phonotrope: looping and spiral.
  • Setting up a phone camera stand with resources available at home.
  • Learning a stop-motion app & shooting animation with app via phone camera. Children will be creating this device at home, we have created a slight twist in the process, which will give you the same result as a traditional Phonotrope.

What is the outcome of the course?

  • Learning the fundamentals of animation.
  • Understanding the correlation between physics and film.

About Mentor:

Tehzeeb Khurana

Tehzeeb is a celebrated animation director with over 20 years of experience. She holds a Masters in Commerce from the Sydenham College of Commerce and Economics, and is the founder of Toon Club, a pioneering organization that teaches the art of Animation Filmmaking and Storytelling to children between 7 -18 years of age. Films created by her students at Toon Club, under her creative supervision, have received 51 international acclaims & awards, including 3 industry recognitions. This vetran’s seminal efforts have culminated in animation curriculum being appended across select premier schools in Mumbai. This multitasker will be mentoring students on a host of subjects such as Histories Mysteries, Paper Plate Animation, Flip & Animate, Notebook Animation and Cameraless Animation.