Cameraless Animation Course Online For Kids | Ri8brain

Duration                             : 5 hours

Course Category              : Animation & Cartoon

Batch Size                          : 15

Mentor                               : Tehzeeb Khurana

Price: INR 4,248

Did you know that some animators made their cartoon films without using cameras & by drawing and painting directly on a filmstrip? Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? Well now you can make your own cameraless animation by drawing directly on film! There is one small twist – since film has gone out of fashion and no longer available, we shall teach you the same technique of frame-by-frame animation using a register roll and then shoot it at home using the phone camera. It’s time to show off your cameraless film with friends and family and keep them guessing how you did it!

For Whom:

Children (8-15) who are creatively inclined & interested in experimenting with a unique technique of animation: Drawn-on-film animation, basic visual storytelling, and fascinated with the art of animation.

Course content:

  • Children will create animation films on a register roll, emulating the "direct-on-film" technique, popularised in 1930s by pioneering artists like Norman Mclaren & Len Lye.
  • This workshop will be created on a register roll (easily available in a stationery shop)
  • Children are taught how to divide the register roll to create frames and then animate frame by frame.
  • A demonstration of how to shoot animation with app via phone camera is explained to children.

Course outcome:

  • Children will be exposed the vast world of animation and the various techniques & styles.
  • They will develop skills for making cameraless animation films & explore abstract art.
  • Learn about animation experimental techniques & principles.

About Mentor:

Tehzeeb Khurana


Tehzeeb is a celebrated animation director with over 20 years of experience. She holds a Masters in Commerce from the Sydenham College of Commerce and Economics, and is the founder of Toon Club, a pioneering organization that teaches the art of Animation Filmmaking and Storytelling to children between 7 -18 years of age. Films created by her students at Toon Club, under her creative supervision, have received 51 international acclaims & awards, including 3 industry recognitions. This vetran’s seminal efforts have culminated in animation curriculum being appended across select premier schools in Mumbai. This multitasker will be mentoring students on a host of subjects such as Histories Mysteries, Paper Plate Animation, Flip & Animate, Notebook Animation and Cameraless Animation.