Rotomotion & Matchmoving - Ri8brain

Duration                             : 60 hours

Course Category              : Visual Effects

Batch Size                          : 10

Mentor                               : Sajeev Sadanadhan

Price: INR 30,000

Learn matchmoving skills set to next level and understand the workflow of CG into films .Matchmoving or 3d tracking is a vfx concept that is used for tracking the camera movement is an important process within the VFX workflow.The topics covered are Understanding the Fundamentals of MatchMoving,Introduction to Matchmove in VFX shots and Video to image Sequence,Understand the Shot Type / Camera Used and Lenses,1st Match Move Workflow on a Pan and Tilt Shot,Understand Auto Tacking and Manual User Tracking and Where to use them,Solving the Shot and Exporting to 3D Software Maya,Working With Rolling Shutter and Lens Distortion,Garbage Masking the Footage to Isolate Track Area,Animating the Mask,Understand Target Track and Curves,Adjusting Camera Solve Errors and Refining,Working With Object Tracking Footage Match moving a Shots in Scene Sequence,Understanding Distort and Undistort Workflow,Track a 3D Object and replace the Object Using 3D Tracker in Nuke / P3D Equalizer/Maya.

For Whom:

For young aspirants who would like to learn the art and techniques of rotomotion and match moving.

Course content:

Covers understanding the fundamentals of match moving, introduction to match move in VFX shots and video to image sequence, understand the shot type / camera used and lenses,1st match move workflow on a pan and tilt shot, understand auto tacking and manual user tracking and where to use them, solving the shot and exporting to 3D software Maya, working with rolling shutter and lens distortion, garbage masking the footage to isolate track area, animating the mask, understand target track and curves, adjusting camera solve errors and refining, working with object tracking footage match moving a shots in scene sequence, understanding distort and undistort workflow, track a 3D object and replace the object using 3D tracker in Nuke  / PF track, Boujou,3D Equalizer.

Learn about the Auto tacking and Manual user tracking, Solving the Shot and Exporting to 3D Software Maya.

Understanding Distort and Undistort Workflow.

Course Outcome:

Rotomotion and match moving artist for films, television and short forms.

About Mentors:


Sajeev Sadanandan is a Matchmove and Layout Lead. He has over 14 years of experience in the Visual Effects Industry. Sanjeev has specialised in 3D Equalizer, Maya and Nuke, and is up to date with all the industry accepted tools of animation. He worked with LIDAR and survey models, and comes with all the latest know-hows. Sanjeev’s long and fruitful career in the industry will give his students an edge on not just how to animate, but also what to expect from the industry. He will be a mentor to students in Rotomotion & Matchmoving.