Voice Matters - Ri8brain

Duration                       : 56 hours

Course Category         : Communication

Batch Size                    : 10

Mentor                          : Shilpi Das

Price: INR 30,000

This course is all about Improving your voice and personality. How you sound matters. How your voice is perceived by your audience matters. Get that element of voice acting into your speech for impactful verbal performance.

For whom:

  • This course is benefited for the Teachers, Doctors, Public Speakers, Corporate Trainers, Corporate Presenters, Sales Professionals, Announcers/Emcees, Web Video Presenters, Aspiring corporate leaders, Aspiring Voice Artists, Story Tellers

Course content:

  • Course covers Vocal Exercises, Importance of pronunciation, Understanding your pitch, What is intensity?, Controlling the pace, What's your tone?, Importance of stressing key words, Intonation | Infusing words with emotions, Importance of pauses, Tone of finality, Using body language, Visual Imagination

What they can become

  • Improve your voice and personality

About Mentor:

Shilpi Das

Shilpi helps professional and business leaders master their voice, fine-tune it, and use it effectively.She was a Business Head and Training Consultant. Shilpi is also a qualified NLP Master Practitioner and uses these techniques to customize voice-over training for her clients. As an entrepreneur, she provides personalized coaching to aspiring Voice Artists, Public Speakers, Corporate Executives, Homemakers, and Storytellers on developing their voice for the right, impactful delivery. Shilpi has a Post Graduate Diploma in Sales and Marketing Management from the National Institute of Sales, Mumbai and has over 20 years of work experience. Since she is known for working with people, students usually feel comfortable talking to her. Voice Matters is the course she will be teaching.