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Cartoon Drawing

Cartoon Drawing
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About the Course

Learn how to draw your favourite cartoon characters like Tom & Jerry and Mickey Mouse. Cartoons are typically semi realistic or non-realistic, exaggerated, and fun to create. Take up this online cartoon drawing course for beginners. 

This is for you: 

If you are above 6 years of age, with artistic inclinations and an interest in cartoon and comic drawing

What you’ll explore:

  • The basics of Drawing 
  • Drawing Shapes, Anatomy, Mouths and Cartoon Figures

What you get:

Basic skills in Cartoon Character Drawing, an understanding of Character Construction

What you’ll need: 

Sketch book, pencils (2B & 6B), eraser, sharpener, pastel colours

Course Syllabus

Download course syllabus for a detailed look at what we'll cover in this course. Download Syllabus

Module 1 :

Basics of Cartoon Drawing

Module 2 :

Basics of Head Proportions

Module 3 :

Basics of the Human Body Proportion

Module 4 :

How To Draw Classic Cartoons

Module 5 :

Adding Expressions To Your Cartoon

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