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About the Course

Kids who doodle art have better memory retention as per latest scientific studies. Doodle drawings are a great way for both kids and adults alike to relieve tension and convert ideas and thoughts by solidifying them into a purposeful whole. It's a way of expressing creative energy and a powerful way for kids to think and solve problems. Visual Literacy is a life skill that comes with practicing doodling. It is always better if we start young!

This is for you if: 

You are above 6 years of age, interested in exploring the simplest medium to convert your ideas, thoughts, and imagination into a visual form through doodles.

What you’ll explore:

  • Introduction to Concept of Doodling
  • Demystify myths about Doodling
  • Understand the many possibilities of Doodling
  • Introduction to the Doodle Vocabulary
  • How to create patterns
  • How to doodle objects
  • How to doodle characters and expressions
  • How to doodle words/text
  • Structuring/layout of a Doodle
  • Taking inspiration from the world around, tips on how to apply them (introduction to doodle journaling, visual notetaking)

What you get:

Learn to use doodling as a visual medium to develop and share ideas, experiences, and imagination, Earn a new form of expression that has immense impact on your mind (focus, information retention, expression of emotions), Gain an all-new perspective to Doodling, Walk away with a new effortlessly satisfying hobby and an irreplaceable academic asset

What you’ll need: 

  •  An open mind to learn of course!
  •  You will also need a sketchbook / paper, a pencil, black marker pen/sharpies/sketch pen (of varying thickness preferably), eraser, any colouring medium like crayons or colour pencils to bring life to your doodles

Course Syllabus

Download course syllabus for a detailed look at what we'll cover in this course. Download Syllabus

Module 01 :

Demystify myths about doodling

Module 02 :

Doodling vocabulary & Creating patterns

Module 03 :

Doodling objects, Characters & Expressions

Module 04 :

Doodling words & The doodling container

Module 05 :

Inspiration & Structuring your doodles

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