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Mandala Drawing

Mandala Drawing
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About the Course

The word Mandala means ‘circle’. This traditional art form includes designs which are abstract, usually developed in a circular form, using a range of symbols and shapes that are geometric and organic. Join online as a beginner and learn this traditional mandala drawing to which you can add a dash of your imagination to evolve it into a unique masterpiece!

This is for you

If you are above 6 years of age and have an interest in drawing and would like to explore something new

What you’ll explore

  • An Introduction to Mandala art, its history and uses
  • Shapes and patterns, colour theory and idea generation
  • Basics of Mandala geometry, Eye Mandala, Doodles
  • Blending Mandala and Doodles

What you get

  • Basic skills in mandala drawing
  • Drawing with symmetry
  • Improved concentration

What you’ll need

Pencil, scale, eraser, compass, protractor, pen (gel pen works best), any kind of colour (pencil/ watercolour/marker/sketch pen)

Course Syllabus

Download course syllabus for a detailed look at what we'll cover in this course. Download Syllabus

Module 1 :

Introduction to Mandalas & History of Mandalas

Module 2 :

Pattern Drawing & Layering in Mandalas

Module 3 :

Construction of Mandala Grids

Module 4 :

Creating a Colorful Mandala

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