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3D Performance Animation

3D Performance Animation
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Duration: 3 months
  • Date: 29 August 2022
  • Mentor: L Paul David
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About the Course

Breathe new life into your characters with Maya! If you’ve got the basics down pat but hit a wall when it comes to moving characters, then we’ve got your back. With this course, we’ll get into the details and turn your good ideas into great ones. Turn your basic walk cycle into one full of style and swagger. This is meant for anyone who’d like to improve their skills in 3D animation and explore advanced posing, acting-based animation, and dialogue animation. 

This is for you if: 

You’re looking to upskill in the field of 3D animation and stretch your knowledge in advanced posing, acting-based animation, and dialogue-based animation.

What you’ll explore: 

  • How to create natural movements for your 3D character
  • Adding unique style and personalities to your characters
  • Explore staging of characters in 3D scenes
  • Creating walk cycles with a special flair
  • Animating characters according to script/shot structure

What you get:

A better understanding of animation flow and how to add your own special twist to your characters and give believable movements. A portfolio with this kind of work is a great way to land a position with any animation studio.

What you’ll need:

System Requirements

  • Desktop PC/Laptop with Windows 10 and above with minimum 8GB RAM 2GB graphic card

Software Requirements

  • Autodesk Maya

Course Syllabus

Download course syllabus for a detailed look at what we'll cover in this course. Download Syllabus

Week 1 - Flour Sack Animation :

Understanding the concept of giving life to any character using animation & learn jump animation

Week 2 - Acting in Animation :

Showing emotion without narration or dialogue

Week 3 - Body Mechanics Animation :

Learning to convert 2D storyboard into 3D animation

Week 4 - Acting in Animation :

Understand how to use subtext & subtlety to make your characters feel real

Week 5 - Weightlifting Animation :

Creating jump animation & how to fix weight & timing

Week 6 - Acting in Animation :

Animating according to storyboard/reference video & animating hand gestures

Week 7 - Animating an Action Scene :

Animation workflow, interpreting storyboard scenes & different camera angles

Week 8 - Creating Facial Animation :

Animating facial expressions & dialogue lip-sync with facial rigs

Week 9 - Creating Believable Dialogue Animation :

Creating advanced animation with proper body mechanics & facial animation

Week 10 - Basic Lighting & Rendering :

Lighting a scene with 3-point lighting & types of lights

Week 11 - Portfolio Development :

Animating a 20 sec sequence of 3D scene according to the given storyboard

Week 12 - Portfolio Development (continued) :

Refining sequence and compiling best work into portfolio

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