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Character Designing

Character Designing
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About the Course

Bring your characters to life with our in-depth tutorials. We’ll start with the basics of putting pen to paper and move on to digital mediums. Either way, learn to focus on the details and flesh out your ideas into well-developed characters with unique personalities. With our course, you can develop a character in any style of your choosing, including anime, comics, animation cartoons, or video games.

This is for you if: 

You have a passion for storytelling and character ideas that you want to express visually before you develop them further.

What you’ll explore: 

  • Learn how to draw and design expressive characters with unique styles and attitudes
  • Explore different mediums including traditional pencil drawing and digital using tablets
  • Express your characters in any style you fancy from quirky anime to traditional Disney animation or modern realism 

What you get:

A strong grasp of the basics of character design and development for animated movies, games, live-action movies, manga cartoons, or illustrations. 

What you’ll need:

System Requirements

  • Desktop PC/Laptop with Windows 10 and above with minimum 8GB RAM 2GB graphic cardWacom One Tablet: CTL-472 (Recommended)

Software  Requirements

  • Autodesk Sketchbook Pro (free)

Course Syllabus

Download course syllabus for a detailed look at what we'll cover in this course. Download Syllabus

Week 1 - Basic Design Principles Part 1 :

Perspective drawing, shape combinations & translating subjects into shapes by studying the forms in perspective

Week 2 - Basic Design Principles Part 2 :

Understanding forms & silhouettes in perspective

Week 3 - Basic Design Principles Part 3 :

Background characters & props, straight-by-the-curve method

Week 4 - Introduction to the Art of Caricature (Human) Part 1 :

Basic anatomy of head & face, basic portraiture, studying facial expressions

Week 5 - Introduction to the Art of Caricature (Human) Part 2 :

Basic anatomy of human body, studying body postures & gestures

Week 6 - Recap & Revision :

In-depth recap of all topics covered so far with detailed Q&A session

Week 7 - Caricature to Cartooning :

Caricature techniques for cartooning & exaggeration techniques to create humour

Week 8 - Caricature to Cartooning (continued) :

Animate VS Inanimate characters & create anthropomorphic animals

Week 9 - Character Bible Creation :

Understand the elements of a character bible & create your own

Week 10 - Character Design Project 1 :

Character development process from script to artwork

Week 11 - Character Design Project 2 :

Comprehensive understanding of the whole development to design process

Week 12 - Character Design Project 3 :

Gather your best work into a stunning portfolio

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